Frequently Asked Questions About Our Franchises

Following are the most frequently asked questions related to Growing Room’s Franchising Program. Please note, the Franchise offering is only made through our confidential Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is a list of all fees and expenses contained in the FDD.

What are the 10 Steps to setting up a Growing Room Franchise?

Step One: Visit a Growing Room School! Truly, you need to experience Growing Room to better understand and appreciate this business and the market it serves.

Step Two: Use our Franchise Interest Form to request a Confidential Franchise Package. After you have reviewed it, submit your Franchise Application to confirm your interest. Contact us if you have questions in the interim.

Step Three: You will receive a copy of our confidential Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) (via email or mail, whatever your preference). The FDD provides very detailed information on our company and our franchising program. We require a signature acknowledging you have received the FDD.

Step Four: After 14 days, make a phone appointment with our Growing Room Franchising Representative to discuss any questions you have about the FDD.

Step Five: Discovery day. Meet the Growing Room USA leadership in Columbus, GA. This will include a comprehensive presentation regarding Growing Room and our Franchise Program. You will also be given a tour of one or more of our company-owned child care schools and a franchised school. You will also have the opportunity to meet the members of our executive team, who provide training and support to our franchisees.

Step Six: Our Franchise committee reviews all submitted information to determine whether to proceed with a franchise relationship.

Step Seven: If you are approved, committee members will prepare a Franchise Agreement and supporting documents and then set a meeting with you to sign the agreement. (purchased franchise at that time)

Step Eight: (After buying a franchise) Submit a Business Plan for review by Growing Room. Once the plan has been reviewed, we will arrange a phone appointment or in-person meeting to discuss it at length.

Step Nine: Growing Room guides you through the process of opening your school.

Step Ten: After your school is up and running, Growing Room will continue to provide ongoing support to you, as needed, to ensure you are operating a successful school.

Do I need previous childcare experience to become a Franchisee?

Not necessarily. You do have to have a true love of children and a desire to be personally involved in the day-to-day operations of your school.

What qualities do I need to be a successful Franchisee?

The following are some of the qualities we look for in a potential Franchisee:

  • The ability to work and stay within a system
  • Prior successful business experience
    Excellent customer service skills
  • Commitment to personal involvement in the operations of the school
  • Ability to successfully manage a budget
  • Ability to multitask
  • An acceptable Criminal Background Check with no felonies, whether related to children or not, or misdemeanors involving children or injury to others.
  • An acceptable credit history with sufficient liquid assets to invest: 100K liquid and 400K Net Worth
How soon can I expect for my school to be open once I have been accepted as a Franchisee?

There are many variables that can affect the timeline for when a Growing Room franchise will open, including the site location, financing, construction, and build-out. However, it’s not unreasonable to have a school open in 12 to 15 months and we’ve seen them open, from the ground up, in as little as eight months.

How much money can I make?

Under FTC rules, we cannot answer that question. We do make an Earnings Claim in our FDD that can be helpful. See the 10 Steps to Owning and Operating a Growing Room Franchise to learn when you can expect to see the FDD.

Does The Growing Room offer financing?

Not directly. However, we do have relationships with third parties who can assist you.

Am I assigned a protected territory?

Yes. Upon payment of your entire Franchise Fee, we will provide you with an exclusive territory, the size of which will depend upon – among other factors – the size, demographics and density of the population you propose to serve.

What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?

The initial franchise fee is $55,000 and royalties are 6% of gross monthly sales. The FDD describes all fees in detail.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Please contact Brad Haines at (706) 596-1234 or bhaines@growingroomusa.com via email.

Will I receive assistance with selection of a site for a school?

Yes. We provide franchisees with the criteria to be used in selecting a site location and provide limited on-site evaluation.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment?

Yes. You will be provided with specifications regarding all equipment as well as classroom furnishings and supplies.

What type of training can I expect as a Franchisee?

Franchisees and their School Director are provided with 3-4 weeks of initial training. The cost of this training is included in your franchise fee. The Franchisee pays costs for transportation, meal, and hotel accommodations for those being trained.

What assistance will I receive in opening my school?

Absolutely! An executive management member is assigned to the franchisee school and will be on-site to assist with the initial opening of the school.

What should I keep in mind during the build out stage?

You need to make sure you have the proper support and staffing to get your school prepared for state licensing approval and opening. During this period you need to be well organized, have the ability to multitask, and meet stringent deadlines.

How do I get parents to enroll their children in my school?

In addition to choosing childcare based on quality, parents and caregivers look for convenience to their workplace or home. Also, the strongest promotion comes through personal referrals from satisfied parents. With these thoughts in mind, you will want to have clear signage so families can find you. You will want to let nearby businesses and residential communities know about your school’s opening (through flyers, mailers, and personal visits). You will also want to take advantage of “shareable” media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to help tell your story. You may also want to further promote the brand and raise awareness through traditional advertising (magazines, radio, billboards). But most importantly, you need to assure you are giving the best care and early childhood education to children, so parents will talk about Growing Room. The goal of every media campaign is to have prospective parents/caregivers visit the school. This one step – by far – results in more enrollments than any other type of promotion.

Will I receive on-going support and guidance once my school is open?

Yes, you will receive operating manuals that cover many aspects of your school’s day-to-day operations. Our executive management team will also contact you by phone and visit periodically to offer consultation and advice. Our relationship with you will be long-term. We understand the value of good communication and support for your success. You can call our team at any time for questions or guidance.

What frustrations should I expect to encounter when my school becomes operational?

The biggest issue, as a whole, seems to be proper staffing. There are many ways to keep your staff happy and promote long-term employment relationships. We can recommend ideas and provide guidance based on other schools’ experiences as needed.

What is the total investment?

The estimated initial investment ranges from $656,500-$882,000. This does not include the cost of land or building construction cost. The FDD describes all fees in detail.

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